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by Neizvestija

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Sascha Z
Sascha Z thumbnail
Sascha Z Chilling, hostile and unnerving, this is the darkest album I've ever listened to. Bleak drones and pads mix with ominous Russian dialogue and samples. The best aural recreation of a place corrupted by radiation's toxic footprint. Not for the faint of heart. Favorite track: Muslyumovo.
evilhippo thumbnail
evilhippo This is all so unrelentingly dark and atmospheric that listing to it might cause you to start glowing in the dark, make your hair fall out and result in you to producing mutant offspring. Favorite track: Muslyumovo.
Wolfman thumbnail
Wolfman This is a dark and lonely journey through the most radioactive place on earth. Neizvestija has crafted dark ambient soundscapes like nothing I've ever heard before. Buy it. Favorite track: Karachay.
Phyein thumbnail
Phyein A perfect concept for the genre, while listening I educated myself on this nice slice of radioactive history and geography and found the utter bleakness of it all to be mesmerizing. Later on, listening while riding my bike on my favorite canal trail the song "Techa" had me in an absolute zone - classic dark ambient minimalism, sickly repetitive, relentless waves of indifferent and inhuman swells that made me feel like my insides were slowly disintegrating from the endless washes of radiation, as I came upon a long straight stretch of the trail surreally littered with high voltage towers and power lines from a nearby power station on this beautiful sunny day. This "perfect" moment I feel is in a way symbolic of the sounds here - absolutely frightning, but nothing inherently malicious about the actual forces at work - man may be looking for ways to kill each other, or maybe just to power our growth and prosperity - but the nuclear forces themselves are simply a force of nature that have no agenda, no collective subconscious. They're just there, wreaking their horrific forces on us with zero emotion or impunity.

Each track does a great job of conforming to the album's theme, while working from a very unique sound pallette. Ozersk is quiet, lonely, and strange sounding, with a pervading tension that sounds exactly how you'd expect from this beautiful and lonely closed city living right next door to a terrifying force rumbling just under the surface. This track in particular had me completely fascinated by this mysterious city, and reading about it almost like the residents are living in some distant world.

I could probably write a paragraph on each track here. The sounds are unique and ominous, and the concept is perfect. This was my first purchase from Cryo Chamber a few years ago, and I think this might be my favorite thing on the label still. I highly recommend immersing yourself in the history presented by this album as you listen. Favorite track: Techa.
Dotflac thumbnail
Dotflac Tracks like Muslyumovo or Metlino would let you think there are people around here, but these are just recordings looping for decades ; there is nothing that could live in Majak.

You're now in a no man's land in East Europa, looking like the game Stalker.

A massive wasteland where your Geiger counter crackles permanently, where all the life is burnt, where the remains of former inhabitants slowly fall apart.

An ominous loneliness emanates from the windy and infected sounds of Majak. Favorite track: Muslyumovo.
Kelly Key
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Kelly Key The Stalker universe.:)
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Muslyumovo 09:13
Kyshtym 02:14
Techa 09:30
Metlino 02:25
Ozersk 09:50
Karachay 12:12


This album from Swedish producer Daniel Wiklander will take you deep into the radioactive zones of Chelyabinsk.

The Chelyabinsk Oblast countryside at the foot of the Ural mountains is as pretty as pastoral landscapes go, the river Techa flows through green farmlands. It is also extremely toxic. At the beginning of the Cold War nuclear arms race, the plutonium plant at Mayak used water from the Techa to cool its reactors. The contaminated water was then discharged back into the river, which tens of thousands relied on for their drinking water.
Some 40 villages along the river were evacuated. The farmers in the villages close to the river still bury their dead with alarming regularity.
After the Soviet nuclear authority stopped dumping radioactive waste in the Techa they started using lakes in the area. At lake Karachay, they created the deadliest place on earth – stay one hour on its shore, and you will be exposed to enough radioactivity to kill you. Slowly.
During droughts in the late sixties, winds spread radioactive dust from Karachay, contaminating an area of 1,000 square miles. Today, the lake is filled with concrete to contain the radioactive waste. To this day, Mayak is in operation as a reprocessing plant for nuclear waste.

24 Bit Flac Recommended

Running time: 52:35


released June 18, 2013

Written and Produced - Daniel Wiklander
Artwork and Mastering - Simon Heath

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